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MEGABASS Greathunting

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Spinning rods
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Description Characteristics

MEGABASS Greathunting

 Désignation  Length (ft)
Joint  Length (m)
Closed Length (m) 
Lure (oz) Lure (gr)
Lb  Action 
 Weight (gr)
Greathunting GH57-3LS  5'7" 3 1,70 0,79   2-8  3-6  Fast  79
Greathunting GH67-3LS  6'7" 3 1,90 0,93   2-8 2-6 Extra- Fast  99
 Greathunting GH77-2MLS Black Pool 772   7'7"  2,30  1,19    5-18  6-12   Medium Fast 140 

Greathunting GH57-3LS : The WHIP TWITCH offers the versatility to target Yamame, Iwana, Rainbow and Brown trout in a wide variety of fields. From small minnows to heavier offerings, the high modulus blank delivers crisp feel and whip-quick recovery, allowing for long, accurate casts and precise angler action. Subtle tip is able to handle lighter presentations, without the wobbling tip-shake that often accompanies casts and rod work with lower-grade carbon builds. 
Muscular blanks take the fight to large Trout, with a torque and lifting power that belies its thin design. 
The WHIP TWITCH is the perfect size to balance distance and accuracy in tight spaces, offering a wide-ranging versatility that will earn its keep on countless climbs.

Greathunting GH67-3LS : The KAMLOOPS STINGER is Yuki Ito’s personal model.
Designed for a long distance approach in highly-pressured fields, upstream casts, and long drifts while wading, the 6’7” length allows the angler to maintain distance and cover wider areas to trigger elusive bites.
With a high frame K-Guide stripper guide, the GREAT HUNTING’s original guide setting delivers the casting performance of a traditional 7’ model in a shorter frame, for increased efficiency. 
Tip section is equipped with STINGER TIP technology, an advance first developed for the Destroyer and Hedge Hog series to capture subtle short bites.
The KAMLOOP’s blank is finished with YOLOY™ to add an additional layer of protection against scratches and damage that can occur in the wilderness.

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MEGABASS Greathunting GH57-3LS

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MEGABASS Greathunting GH67-3LS

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MEGABASS Greathunting GH77-2MLS Black Pool 772

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