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Team Peche Leurre Evolution

You are our TEAM. Wear your Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM colors proud !

Our Team is passionate about fishing. Join PLE TEAM because your values are very much aligned to what we believe in personally. The TEAM has been built upon 2 shared values : respect for the environment and aquatic water, sustainable fishing.

Whether you're a first time user or a professional fisherman, whether you fish in fresh water or salt water, we think we need everyone's contribution to develop products, improve a technique, or prepare for a competition

Anyone can join our PLE TEAM and become a « privilege customer »
We invite you to share your passion, your emotions, your fishing diaries and to meet others fishermen.

Become part of PLE TEAM and discover the benefits of being a member.
- In addiction to your loyalty points, you'll get a – 5% permanent reduction on all our website.
Add to your cart all products you need and confirm your order.
Your - 5% discount shall automatically apply on every product*.
The member special price is available on all pages on the website.

- You will get your own membership card with your name and a kit with T-shirt, stickers and cap to the colors TEAM.

- You are always the first to profit to members TEAM exclusives promotions.

- You gain early access to news and promotions.

- Wear your Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM colors proud !

- You will receive a discount with our guide partners. (Carnauvergne : 5% off in Spain, 10% off in France.)

* Offer valid on Pê on products with 5% mention.Only applicable on products mentionned !


I want to join the TEAM !

Becoming a Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM membership

To become a member, you have just to buy the Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM kit !
The kit consists of : :

Membership Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM card Cap Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM T-shirt Pêche-Leurre-Evolution TEAM I acquiere the kit and become a TEAM member. Your membership card + your cap + your member T-shirt

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The members TEAM results

IPCC 2018 (Maconca-HUNGARY)11/11/2018Toma6
Concours fishing carnassier (Marans (Charente-Maritime)-FRANCE)14/10/2018Nico1720
Concours float tube vaxoncourt (Vaxoncourt-FRANCE)11/09/2016schmoll1
Championnat de FRANCE Bateau Gn CARLA Saint Jean de Losne (Saint Jean de Losne (21)-FRANCE)25/07/2015Nicolas395